Afaq NSS 6 - Unit 1 What is science

Afaq New Sun Series Science 6 - Lesson 1 What is Science. Solved Excercise along with Urdu words/meanings. Study online while staying at home free, please share study material with your friends and family members.

Afaq NSS 6 - Unit 1 What is science
Unit 1 What is science

Important Definitions:
  • Science: Knowledge about universal facts, truths, and realities through observations and experimentation.
  • Hypothesis: A statement that is basically a guess of prediction of a question.
  • Theory: A hypothesis supported by experiments.
  • Scientific Law: A repeated theory with the same results every time.
  • Laboratory: A well-equipped place where different experiments are carried out for scientific investigations.
  • Microscope:  An Instrument used to observe those objects that are too small to be seen with the naked eye.
1. Answer the following questions briefly.
  • I. Define Science.
    Ans: Science is a piece of knowledge about universal facts(کائناتی حقائق), truths, and realities through observation(مشاہدات) and experiments.

  • II. Describe the functions of an evaporating dish and test tube in a laboratory.
    Ans: Evaporating Dish: It is used for evaporation (بحارات بننے کا عمل) of liquid from a solution.
    Test Tube: It is used for containing and heating small amount of substance.

  • III. How is a hypothesis different from a theory.
    Ans: A hypothesis is an assumption(مفروضہ) made before any research(تحقیق). A theory is a principle supported by experiments.

  • IV. What is the purpose of a microscope?
    Ans: Microscope is used to enlarge the image of a small object that can not be seen with the naked eye.

  • Why is it not advised to eat in laboratories?
    Ans: Because it is full of hazardous substances (خطرناک اشیا ).
2. Answer the following questions in detail.
  • I. Describe the scientific method of investigation with the help of a flowchart.
    Ans: Scientists use a series of steps to solve a specific problem during their research. These steps are called the scientific method of investigation.

  • Q. How does a microscope work?
    Ans: The Object which is to be observed is placed on the stage. Light from a light source is focused on the object place on the stage of the microscope. The objective lens magnifies the image of the object. An observer observes the enlarged image through an eyepiece. The quality of the image produced by a microscope can be adjusted using adjustment knobs.

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