Afaq NSS Computer 6 - Unit 1 Computer

Afaq New Sun Series Computer 6 - Unit 1 Computer complete exercise solution.

Afaq NSS Computer 6 - Unit 1 Computer

Important Short Questions/Answers:

  • What is a computer?
    A computer is an electronic device or machine. It takes input, processes it, and shows the output.

  • Define data?
    Data is a collection of facts and figures that includes words, numbers, symbols, sounds, etc.

  • How do we use a computer used at home?
    A computer is used at home to listen to the recitation of the Quran, watch plays, take online classes, do online business, etc.

  • What is Software?
    Software is a set of instructions that runs and controls hardware.

  • What is Hardware?
    Hardware is the physical components or parts such as the keyboard, mouse, monitor, system, etc.

  • The computer components are classified as input devices, system units, storage devices, and outputs devices.
  • Input devices are used to enter data into a computer. These devices are the keyboard, mouse scanner, microphone digital camera, etc.
  • The system unit consists of a saving and many internal components like motherboard, Central Processing Unit (CPU), Storage devices, expansion cards, power supply, etc.
  • A Processor controls the working of al the hardware and software.
  • The motherboard connects the components and peripheral devices and allows all the parts of the computer to receive power and communicate with one another such as processor, memory, etc.

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