Full Test Chemistry-12 Chapter 3,5,15

List of important questions (Chemistry) for second year college students. These are the questions that appeared in the past papers of Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Pakistan. Please like and share with friends so that most of the student get benefit from it.

Full Test Chemistry-12  Chapter 3,5,15

TEST part-2 chapter 3,5,15   Total Marks: 50

SECTION-I Four possible options have been given. Tick (P)  the correct option. 1 x 10 = 10

  1. Tincal is a mineral of:
    1. B
    2. Al
    3. Si
    4. C
  2. Boric acid can’t be used:
    1. as antiseptic in medicine
    2. for washing eyes
    3. in soda bottles
    4. for enamels and glazes
  3. Which used in leather industry?
    1. Borax
    2. boric acid
    3. boric oxide
    4. tetracarboric acid
  4. Which one of the following is not used in cosmetics?
    1. Talc
    2. asbestos
    3. sodium sulphate
    4. aluminium sulphate
  5. Sulphur is not present in:
    1. Onion
    2. garlic
    3. egg
    4. fat
  6. Kaolin is amineral of:
    1. Carbon
    2. Magnesium
    3. Silicon
    4. Aluminum
  7. Silver Bromide is used in?
    1. Paints
    2. Photography
    3. Ceramics
    4. Gasoline                       
  8. Which is the strongest acid:
    1. HClO
    2. HClO2
    3. HClO3
    4. HClO4
  9. Which has the lowest boiling point?
    1. NH3
    2. PH3
    3. AsH3
    4. SbH3
  10. Nitorgen helps in?
    1. Normal growth of plant
    2. Protein
    3. Nucleic acid synthesis
    4. all of these

SECTION-II  Write the short answers of the following questions: 2x15=30

  1. Why liquids silicones are preferred over ordinary organic lubricants?
  2. How boron is different from other members of its family?
  3. What is the chemistry of borax bead test?
  4. What is the action of heat on orthoboric acid (H3BO3)?
  5. What is vitreous silica? Give its two uses.
  6. What are disproportionation reaction? Explain with an example
  7. How the oxidation state of halogens affect the acids strength of oxyacids?
  8. What is “Iodized Salt”?
  9. What are Freons and Teflon? Also mention its uses.
  10. Why iodine has metallic luster?
  11. Why the oxyacids of chlorine are stronger than oxyacid’s Bromine?
  12. What is halothane? Write its formula.
  13. What are essential qualities of a good fertilizers?
  14. How bleaching of pulp is done in Pakistan.
  15. What are the different zone in the rotary kiln? Give their temperature ranges.

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