Grade 4 - Unit 5 Whiz Through Software

Oxford Computer Whiz Level 4 - Solved Excercise and Question/Answers of Unit 5 Whiz Through Software

Grade 4 - Unit 5 Whiz Through Software

Q.1 Choose the correct answer.

  1. Which of these is not application software?
    1. Microsoft Windows        2. Microsoft Word        c. Microsoft Excel

  2. Which of these is not a function of system software?
    1. starting up the computer        2. controlling hardware devices        3. creating a spreadsheet

  3. Which of these is not a feature of a word processing program?
    1. writing letters        2. making charts for budgets        3. correcting errors

  4. Which of these can be stored in a database?
    1. name of people        2. telephone numbers         3. both a and b

  5. Which of these is not a web browser?
    1. Microsoft Internet Explorer        2. Mozilla Firefox        3. Linux

Q.2 Answer the following questions:
  1. Define Software
    Ans: Software is an organized set of instructions that tell a computer what to do and who to do it.

  2. What is the difference between system software and application software?
    Ans: System software is software used to control, manage, and integrate the functioning of the different parts of the computer. Application software consists of programs used to perform specific tasks.

  3. Which software would you use to design a brochure?
    Ans: I would use desktop publishing software to design a brochure as it enables us to combine text and graphics in a single document.

  4. What does database management software enable you to do?
    Ans: Database management programs enable us to store, retrieve, and manage a large amount of data. Data can be organized in records and files. Database management programs also enable us to sort data and keep it up to date. We can create a list of telephone numbers and addresses using database management software.

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