Important Pair of Words

Here is the list of some important pairs of words for the students of 10th Class taken from Pilot A One Grammer Book.

Important Pair of Words
  1. Affect: My advice did not affect him 
    Effect: Hard work had a bad effect on his life.
  2. Advice: My advice fell flat on him.
    Advise: I advise him to work hard.
  3. Altogether: It is altogether wrong to say that I come here late.
    All together: We went to school all together.
  4. Altar: A lamb was brought to the altar.
    Alter: He altered his mind.
  5. Angel: He saw an angel.
    Angle: There are three angles in a triangle.
  6. Bail: He was released on bail.
    Bale: I bought two bales of cotton.
  7. Bare: He went out bare-footed.
    Bear: I saw a bear.
  8. Birth: What is your date of birth.
    Berth: Please reserve a berth for me for Lahore.
  9. Beside: I was sitting beside him.
    Besides: Besides this, I will have to go there.
  10. Break: He did not break the stick.
    Brake: The brake of the cycle did not work.
  11. Cloth: I bought some cloth from the Bazar.
    Clothe: He is wearing beautiful clothes.
  12. Cool: A cool breeze was blowing.
    Cold: Cold wind blows in winter.
  13. Cell: The prisoners came out of the cell.
    Sell: He sells school books.
  14. Compare: I cannot compare myself with my teachers.
    Contrast: Black is a contrast of white.
  15. Dairy: It is a dairy farm.
    Diary: He gave me a new diary.
  16. Device: We use different types of devices.
    Devise: THe shopkeeper devise many ways to earn a profit.
  17. Deny: She denied having told a lie.
    Refuse: He refused to help me.
18. Dew        Dewdrops beautify the flowers 
      Due         He cannot come to school due to illness 
19. Die         He died of fever 
      Dye,       He dyed my coat
20. Dose      Take a dose of medicine 
      Doze      He was dozing in the class 
21. Droop    The flower drooped for lack of water 
      Drop       Drop of water fell on my face 
22. Due        Give him his dues 
      Dew       Dewdrops look like pearls 
23 Elder       Ali is my elder brother 
    Older       This building is older than others 
24. Eligible    He is eligible for this post 
      illegible    His handwriting is illegible 
25. Except     Everybody was present except Ali 
      Accept     He did not accept my gift 
26. Expect    I expect to get a good job 
      Hoop      I hope to get good marks in the examination 
27. Feet        I have two feet 
      Feat       HE showed many feats
28. Fair      He went to the fair 
      Fare     What is the railway fare from Lahore to Karachi 
29. Floor   Do not spit on the floor 
      Flour   Flour is cheap in this city 
30. Foul      He plays a foul game 
      Fowl     I saw waterfowls in the zoo
31. Gate      He met me at the gate 
      Gait       She has a charming gate 
32. Goal     Death is not the goal of life 
      Gaol     He was sent to the goal 
33 Heal      The wound will heal soon 
     Heel       A thorn has run into my heal 
34.Healthy     Last week he was quite healthy 
     Healthful   Morning walk is healthful for our body 
35 Idle            Do not sit idly
     Idol            The Arabs Worshipped idols 
36. Ice            He sells ice 
      Snow        Snow is falling 
37. Lose         He will lose the chance 
      Loose       Your coat is Loose 
38. Lesson      He has learned his lesson 
      Lessen      Try to lessen the work
39. Letter        Write a letter
      Later          He came to school later that I.
40. Liar           Do not trust a liar 
      Lawyer      Quaid-e-Azam was a famous lawyer of his time 
41. Lovely      It is a lovely doll 
      Lovable    She is innocent and loveable 
42. Minor.       These details are of minor importance 
      Miner         He is a miner 
43. Marry        He wants to marry her 
      Merry        Eat drink and be merry
44.Meet           I want to meet him 
     Meat           I eat meat 
45. Metal         iron is a very useful metal 
      Mettle        Tariq bin Ziad showed his mettle in the battlefield
46. Necessity     It is a necessity of time to work hard 
      Necessary    It is necessary for you to prepare for the examination 
47. Pour           Pour some more milk 
      Pore           There are many pores in our body 
48. Piece          Please give me a piece of paper 
      peace          I like peace everywhere in the word 
49. Pray           Pray for my success 
      Prey           Hawk is a bird of prey 
50. People      people of my village is very simple 
     peoples     different peoples live in American