Papers Chemistry-11 Chapter No. 10 Total Marks: 50

List of important questions (Chemistry) for second year college students. These are the questions that appeared in the past papers of Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Pakistan. Please like and share with friends so that most of the student get benefit from it.

Papers Chemistry-11  Chapter No. 10 Total Marks: 50


SECTION-I: Four possible options have been given. Tick (P)  the correct option. 1 X 10 =10

  1. SN2 reaction can be best carried out with:
    1. pri.alkyl halide
    2. sec.alkyl halide
    3. ter.alkyl halide
    4. all
  2. Which of the following is weak acid?
    1. H2S
    2. H2O
    3. BF3
    4. NH3
  3.   The most reactive alkyl halide on the basis of bond energy:
    1. alkyl fluoride
    2. alkyl chloride
    3. alkyl bromide
    4. alkyl iodide
  4. Which one of the following is not a nucleophile:
    1. SO3
    2. NH3
    3. H3O+
    4. HN-
  5. Which of the following alkyl halide is the most reactive towards the attacking nucleophile:
    1. CH3F
    2. CH3Cl
    3. CH3Br
    4. CH3I
  6. Which of the following is liquid at room temperature?
    1. C2H5Cl
    2. C2H5Br
    3. CH3Cl
    4. CH3Br
  7. Ethyl chloride react with Ag2O in the presence of moisture to form:
    1. ethanol
    2. ether
    3. acetic acid
    4. acetone
  8. Elimination bimolecular reaction involves:
    1. 1st order kinetics
    2. 2nd order kinetics
    3. 3rd order kinetics
    4. zero order kinetics
  9. The substance which donates a pair of electron to electrophile are called:
    1. substrate
    2. nucleophile
    3. lewis acid
    4. dibasic acid
  10. Reaction of the following with Grignard reagent can give pri.alcohol:
    1. epoxide
    2. peroxide
    3. super oxide
    4. hydrogen

SECTION-II Write the short answers of the following questions: 2X12=24

  1. What are primary, secondary and tertiary alkyl halides?
  2. Prepare alkyl halide from alcohols by any two methods.
  3. Just name two factors, which govern the reactivity of R-X bond. Which one is dominating?
  4. Why tertiary alkyl halides can’t follows SN2 mechanism?
  5. What is the role of stability of carbonium ion for determing SN1 and SN2 mechanism?
  6. Convert ethyl bromide in to quaternary ethyl ammonium bromide.
  7. Write down a method of preparation of ethyl magnesium bromide in the laboratory.
  8. Prepare propanoic acid from ethyl magnesium bromide.
  9. How will you prepare 1-butanol by using ethyl magnesium bromide?
  10. Convert ethene in to 1-butanol.
  11. Write the IUPAC name of:
    a) carbon tetrabromide  b) chloroform c) methylene chloride d) methyl iodide
  12. Write the mechanism for the reaction of acetone with Grignard’s reagent.

SECTION-III: Answer the Long Questions. (4x4=16)

Q.1: What are SN reactions? Differentiate between SN1 and SN2 reactions.

Q.2: Discuss briefly the two possible mechanisms of β-elimination reactions.

Q.3 Using ethyl bromide as a starting material prepare the following.
i) n-butane   ii) TEL  iii) ethyl amine  iv) propionic acid

Q.4 Write a brief note on Grignard Reagent.



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