Physics Part-1 Chapter 8 Test

Physics Full Chapter Test for the students of FSC, ICS.

Physics Part-1 Chapter 8 Test

Subject: Physics-1 Chapter: 8 Total Marks: 50   

PAPER A (Regular)


  1. Stars moves towards Earth shows:
    (a) yellow shift      (b)red shift      (c)green shift      (d) blue shift
  2. In an open pipe, fundamental frequency is given by f = _______
    (a)f1 =v/4l      (b) f1 =4l/v       (c) f1 =v/2l       (d)f1 =2l/v
  3. According to Newton sound travel in air under conditions of:
    (a)Adiabatic          (b)Isothermal          (c) Isobaric          (d) Isochoric
  4. Speed of sound in vacuum is:
    (a)280ms-1          (b)338ms-1          (c) 332 ms-1           (d) 0
  5. With the increase of temperature speed of sound is:
    (a)Increase          (b) Remains constant          (c)Decrease          (d) Becomes zero
  6. Sound waves cannot be:
    (a)Refracted          (b)Reflected          (c)Diffracted           (d) Polarized
  7. Beats can be hear when difference of frequency not more than :
    (a)11Hz         (b)10Hz          (c) 9Hz           (d)6Hz
  8. Distance between any two consecutive crests or troughs is called
    (a) Frequency           (b) period           (c) wavelength            (d) phase difference
  9. In stationary wave velocity of particle at the node is:
    (a)Maximum           (b) Zero          (c) Infinite          (d)Variable
  10. If the pressure of gas is doubled, then speed of sound is:
    (a) Doubled          (b)Half           (c)Not affected           (d)Increase 1.4  times


  1. Write down the effect of variation of pressure and density on the speed of sound in a gas.
  2. Define crest and trough, node and antinodes.
  3. As a result of distant explosion an observer senses a ground tremor and then hears the sound of explosion. Explain this time difference
  4. Explain why sound travels faster in warm air than in cold air?
  5. Define constructive and destructive interference. Also write their conditions?  
  6. Is it possible for two identical waves travelling in the same direction along a stretched string   to give rise to stationary waves?
  7. How should a sound source move with respect to an observer so that the frequency of its sound does not change?
  8. Explain why sound travels faster in warm air than in cold air.
  9. What are factors upon which speed of sound in air depends.
  10. What is a Radar?
  11. Write down the effect of variation of pressure and density on the speed of sound in a gas.
  12. How stationary waves are produced?
  13. Which is richer in harmonics? an open organ pipe or a closed organ pipe?
  14. What is mean by Red shift ? What it tells bout the motion of stars?    
  15. Can Doppler’s Effect be applied to Electromagnetic Waves? Give an Example.


  1. What is Doppler effect? Discuss the cases when source moves towards and away from a stationary observer. (05)
  2. Derive a formula to find the rise of speed with temperature. (05)


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